Is m kombucha certified organic?

We are in the process of getting certified organic. All the ingredients we use are certified organic except for the hemp in our CBD line which is organically grown.

Is there CBD in your on-tap flavors?

There is no CBD in our on-tap flavors. Only the CBD line in bottles contains CBD.

Why does your new label say hemp extract?

For regulatory reasons our label say Hemp Extract however each bottles contains 15mg of Broad Spectrum High Bioavailability CBD.

is there thc in the cbd line?

We use Broad Spectrum CBD from which THC is completely removed and not detected.

Will you be sharing coa’s and third party testing?

Yes! we are still building the site and there’s much more to come with regard to information, certificates, lab tests to provide you with full transparency. If it’s not on the site yet, please check in in another week.

what does m stand for?

M is for Mother. M is for Medicine. M is for Mother of Medicine.